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This page will record selected comments from readers. Please send your comments by to me at: PO Box 2040, Roseburg, OR 97470. 

But first, a tribute to CHARLES M. SCHULZ: This great man took time to write a note complimenting me on my first book. "You have done all of us a great service by putting down these thoughts and observations." We will all miss "Sparky". How did he know that a flying ace needs lots of root beer?

In June of 1980 JAMES MICHENER, while researching his book SPACE, wrote me a note saying that he saw the advantages in dealing with the astronaut medical problems and suggested that we meet again at his home in St. Michaels to talk about the human problems of space travel. Unfortunately, he did not contact me again, so I began writing my own books. After receiving a copy of "INDESTRUCTIBLE" he wrote: "Yours is a very important subject, one we all need to know more about."  

Astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN, in his foreword to AMERICA'S ASTRONAUTS AND THEIR INDESTRUCTIBLE SPIRIT, said: "He offers the reader an authentic history of the human side of man's spaceflight that reads like a novel. Dr. Kelly tells of the hidden cost to those involved in the early space program." For more information about Dr. Aldrin see his web site at www.buzzaldrin.com.

The late Astronaut SONNY CARTER, after reading the account of the Apollo fire in my first book wrote: "It's a great work. You will want to know that we have a common tie. I was assigned to investigate the crew compartment medical happenings (in the Challenger accident) as you were in the Apollo fire." A short time after I received this letter, we were all saddened to hear that Sonny had been killed in a commercial aircraft accident. We lost a great man. 

VIRGINIA DUNCAN of WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee, WI, while arranging an interview on their Challenger Anniversary Show, wrote: "We have your book and love it." During the show we discussed the "human aspects of the space program" and "the performances and motivations of those involved in one of the greatest adventures ever taken by mankind."

My most treasured letter came from JOHN FODERA, Jr. of Detroit, MI. He wrote: "A fantastic book! I have been reading every book I can find on U. S. and USSR space efforts (about 150 so far) and it's easy to keep getting the same information from many different sources. However, your book excelled in giving new and more personal insights into the basic data, and that made the whole story of spaceflight come to life again. I've never written a letter to an author before, but your book really did touch me."  

Astronaut P. J. WEITZ while Deputy Director of JSC in Houston wrote me after reading THE FOURTH GENERATION: "It's an excellent story. You obviously did some personal research while in the Middle East."

Astronaut DUANE GRAVELINE in his forward to MARS JOURNAL writes: "He takes no 'Star Trek' shortcuts, and he doesn't dodge any of the serious problems we must face when we attempt to colonize Mars. Rather, he faces these challenges squarely and offers solutions to many problems that are still in the realm of the unknown. He does this while producing a thoroughly engaging and provocative novel about the first mission to the planet Mars. MARS JOURNAL is a book that every recreational reader, science student, and serious aerospace scientist will want at their bedside." For more information about Dr. Graveline please see his web site at http://www.spacedoc.net/links.html.

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